04. July 2023
引っ越しました。 トロントに来て一体何回目の引越しか。 もう引っ越すということに慣れてきたような。 それでもやっぱり大変でした。 仲良くやってきた家族とのお別れ、 トロントの厳しい家事情(とにかく家賃が高い)、 新しい大家さんや、ご近所とのやりとり そして箱、箱、箱…。 猫が1匹から、2匹になりました。 私は相変わらずギャラリーで働きながら、...

05. March 2023
I'll show you how I make a puppet. And I'd like to assist you to uncover your creativity! When : Sat., March 18 1:30pm - 4:30pm Place : At my studio near Trinity Bellwoods park in downtown Toronto. Cost : This is a test run so it will be free. All materials are provided. Who : 3 person limit. First come, first served. ⭐️ Kids are welcome if they can focus for 2 hours; of course we can take breaks as needed. Please contact me at saekimura888@gmail.com to register or for any questions.

02. February 2023
Writing is not my strength but I tried anyway. I wanted some sort of clarity why I draw. The process of getting it seems the most interesting. そろそろ自分のやっていることをちゃんと言葉にしてみよう、と思って。まとまる前のグシャグシャしているところが意外と面白かったりして。 なぜかやる気の出ない人がど真ん中に来ちゃってる…冬だから冬眠の季節だから。

29. January 2023
My first Ikebana with celery and carrot leaves. Painting on the wall is by Eric McConnachie. たまたま友人が送ってくれたいけばなの写真に感化されて、やってみました初めてのいけばな。 剣山が手に入ったのが嬉しくて待ちきれなく、冷蔵後より人参、セロリさんにご協力いただきました。 いつでも最も美しくて恐ろしいのは自然だね。

23. January 2023
The event at Ontario Science Center went very well! There were so many people came to listen Catherine's book reading and made a long line up to get author's signature. I enjoyed drawing and coloring with kids as always! I'm very glad that the book has been received well by a lot of people. Thank you Catherine and friendly staff at Science Centre for a fun day. サイエンスセンターでのイベントはびっくりするほどの大盛況!...

17. January 2023
Hello Parents and kids in Ontario! Sunday, January 22 at 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Ontario Science Centre Catherine Little will read “ Twelve in a Race” and I’ll be at a colouring station. Join us for a celebration of Lunar New Year ! https://www.ontariosciencecentre.ca/what-s-on/special-events-plus-programs/lunar-new-year-fun

24. December 2022
‘Sing’ is series of drawings that I drew few years ago. It’s a story of a girl finding her own voice. Published by Arcturus books @galleryarcturus . I listen to others voice. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to my own. When I drew this, I thought “ oh! I found it!!” . Since then I’ve got lost few times but every time somehow I found myself again. The books are available at the gallery. You can see the whole drawings on this site, under ‘story’ !...

23. November 2022
Good aTrip Hostel & Bar にて小田原駅周辺の地図を描かせてもらいました! 久々の小田原は、おいしそうなおもしろそうな小さなお店が増えていて良い感じでした。全部見きれないほどでした。 Map of Odawara for Good aTrip Hostel & Bar! Seems there are many more small local businesses than 4 years ago in this town. It was very exciting to see the change:)

18. November 2022

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