26. July 2022
…and I went to do chalkboard menu at Cafe Pamenar in Kensington Market.
30. May 2022
New video from Lunchbox Shaming Research Project. For more info, please visit☟ https://lunchboxshaming.blog.ryerson.ca/updates/
04. May 2022
02. May 2022
23. April 2022
21. April 2022
16. April 2022
久々に黒板のお仕事いただいたので、 まるまる一日かかって準備をする。 文字を見やすく見せるには、 文字の周りの空間が大事だと思われます。 さて本番は明日です。 Preparing for a chalkboard work. It took me a whole day to raying out all the letters even though the design was already there. I’m using a part of brain that I normally don’t use much, which is numbers and accuracy🤯 A bit nervous, a bit excited for tomorrow!
14. April 2022
Twelve in a Race is available at https://plumleafpress.com/product/twelve-in-a-race/ , Indigo and soon at Amazon. It’s about Chinese zodiac with beautiful writing by Catherine Little @books.beyond.bedtime and illustrations by me🐁 I went underneath the table and looked at it with my little friend Oto! ついに絵本が届きました〜📕 Catherine Little さんの文で、干支のお話しのイラストを担当させてもらいました。がんばって描いたなぁ。...
11. April 2022
It was my first hot cross bun experience.
06. April 2022
I've been taking a part of making video for introducing the story of HMS Pinafore. So much fun to see my paper people becoming alive! I’

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